NLP Master Practitioner, Anne Ward, says NLP is so effective because it's all about making empowering positive changes in your life.

"It is being widely embraced now as many people have tried the alternatives and they have not had long-lasting results. NLP really works and positively directs people to their desired outcome."

Anne trained in NLP in 2005, and then completed training as a Master Practitioner in 2006.

Based on the Central Coast of NSW, she has worked with people on a range of issues including quit smoking and other addictions, weight loss, lack of confidence, low motivation, self-esteem and negative emotions.

While many other modalities and therapies are good at discovering problems, says Anne, they don't provide the tools for long-lasting effective empowering fast change that NLP does.

"NLP deals with your sub-conscious where everything is stored, like a data-based. It is where our habits, good or bad, memories, beliefs and values are. Therefore we need to change things on a subconscious level in order to bring about change in ourselves Often this is hard to do, as tapping into the subconscious can bring up memories that people may not want to deal with or they may not even know are there."

NLP, she says, enables this to happen in a gentle, empowering and non-invasive manner.

Anne is passionate about what NLP can achieve for her clients.

"I have found that within eight weeks many people have found empowerment and solutions using the NLP tools and techniques where they no longer need to come back," says Anne.

"I know people feel in safe hands with me because of the 100% confidentiality and my total commitment in working with them to make positive, empowering and substantial changes in their lives."


Initially I went to see Anne to help me deal with my weight problem but through working with her it soon became apparent to me that I had many other issues to sort out, ones I had been avoiding.

Anne helped me develop confidence and belief in myself again. Through her fabulous skills with NLP she assisted me in getting in touch with my values and goals and where my life was, compared to where I wanted it to be.

Using NLP techniques Anne taught me, I was able to take my kids to Brisbane for a holiday. Sounds easy to some but I was so afraid of having a panic attack in front of them. I had been avoiding every situation where panic attacks might happen. Not only do I not have to cope with panic attacks anymore it never even comes to my mind anymore. Panic is no longer an issue in my life.
I have now lost 9kgs and I am so happy with my life and where I am going now.

I have recommended Anne too many people and will continue to do so.

Working with Anne and NLP has really changed my life.


Because of her expertise using NLP Anne Ward has rid me of my fear of spiders, has enabled me to SAVE SAVE SAVE instead of SPEND SPEND SPEND and as an added bonus I have been my goal weight for over a year!

I cannot more highly recommend Anne for her professionalism, her discretion and her positivity which she somehow manages to transport to her clients

My Life has certainly changed for the better!


At the start of this year I was at my lowest point I was very unhappy both personally and professionally my confidence was at an all time low.

I had been through a devastating breakup towards the end of last year, which left me heartbroken and miserable I was having family dramas, things at work where changing and I was very unsure of what the future held, I felt like the odds were stacked up again me, I was not in a good place at all.

Then one day I was out at Terrigal with a friend and I discovered at pamphlet for NLP , it just spoke to me everything that it advertised I felt was written just for me.  So from that moment on I decided I could either continue to play the victim and wallow in myself pity or I could take the steps to make positive changes get my life back on track.

So the very next week I emailed Anne and arranged to have my very first session of NLP and I haven’t looked back since.
In the beginning I was having weekly sessions with Anne when I was at my lowest point, but as the weeks progressed I started to notice subtle changes in my mood, my confidence, my attitude and way of thinking I was starting to really see the benefits and that all the hard work that we were doing was paying off.  We reduced my sessions back to every two weeks then in the end to once a month, until we both felt that I had gained enough knowledge and grasped the tools of NLP for myself and I would be able to apply them to my life on my own.

I know that each day is a challenge and I believe that my journey has only just begun, but I am much better equipped and a lot more confident these days to handle the challenges that life has for me all thanks to Anne and NLP.

I often receive wonderful comments these days from family, friends and colleagues on how happy I am and how much I have grown and changed which just goes to show that all the hard work is paying off and I am in a much better and happier place.
I would highly recommend Anne Ward and NLP to anyone as I believe it to be extremely beneficial form of therapy, it was the best and smartest decision I have ever made.


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